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The general rules for recurrent lower back pain and persistent lower back pain.

I do have to tell you that there are general rules for recurrent lower back pain and persistent lower back pain after your treatment at Centre of Balance Hamilton.

Keep good posture for back painin Hamilton NZ


1. It is best to rest after treatment.  That means no exercise, heavy lifting, or standing for a long period of time.

2. You may well be sore for a couple of days after treatment and this is best handled with hot baths or hot wheat packs as often as you can.

3. Don’t get any other form of massage therapy or bodywork on the day.  If you do have another treatment on the day, please inform us first.

4. Try to cut back on sugary foods and acid-forming foods (especially alcohol), and avoid cold foods and drinks when you start back pain treatment with us.

5. Don’t do exercise that will trigger your lower back pain.  Only do exercise that feels good for your back.

6. Try to think about posture all the time, analysing the way you are sitting and standing to be sure you are balanced.

7. Keep heat packs along your spine as much as you can.

Treating persistent lower back pain and recurrent lower back pain does require time and effort.  We guarantee you will see immediate results in your first visit or your money back.  Once you can see the immediate results* in your first session, you should keep going with treatments until you are pain free in your lower back, and all the unique JiaJi points have no tenderness when we press on them.

 (*Immediate results is defined as improvement in level of pain or range of movement from what you felt when you walked in the door. )

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