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Genuine Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture For All Conditions

Centre of Balance Hamilton has been using genuine Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture for the past six years to help many patients who have failed to get the results they were looking for from western medicine. We specialise in using genuine traditional Chinese treatment methods (Chinese medicine/herbs, acupuncture) for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, fertility and pain relief. Contact us now.

Szenan Phua

B.Med (Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Member of NZRA Member of FCPAA Malaysia,

ACC treatment provider

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Address: 27F Whatawhata Road,

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3204, New Zealand.

Telephone:  07-855 7115

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Polly Mitrakul

B.Med (Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Member of NZRA

ACC treatment provider

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Osteoarthritis treatment:

70% relief in 3 week.

Instant relief lower back pain

more video in our testimonial.

Shoulder pain fixed in 4 treatments

more video in our testimonial.

Lower back pain fixed in 3 treatments more video in our testimonial.

Reduced Lower back pain from 8/10 to 0/10 in 10 minute, more video in our testimonial.

Second review: Osteoarthritis treatment, 95% better in 3 month.

BBC- Proof of Acupuncture

Acupuncture treatment instant relief arthritis shoulder pain, groin pain and knee pain.

Fix archilles tendon pain/achilles tendonitis/heel pain

Acupuncture instant relief tingling, numbness abdominal and lower back pain after C-Section

Let me tell you how acupuncture help me and how painless acupuncture treatment can be.

Discover - how acupuncture can treat lower back pain.